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Sara Al Naimi 2023_GD(pattern_on_fabric).png

Block printing phase

Block printing is a relief printing technique that involves using a carved material, typically wood, linoleum, or rubber, to transfer ink onto fabric or paper. The block acts as a stamp, with the final product resulting in a mirror image of the carving.

Woodblock prints can range from small images intended to be repeated in a pattern to large works of art that require a large printing press for printing. In the past, they were even used to print entire books.

It's possible to capture a fine degree of detail in each print, depending on the size of the knife and the quality of the material. However, since the process is generally done by hand, no two prints are ever the same.

Why block printing? 

The use of block printing as a method allowed me to create unique and visually captivating designs with intricate and detailed patterns that could be repeated consistently, making it a perfect choice for creating patterns on a large scale.

 Block printing's tactile quality can add texture and depth to a design, which was perfect for creating the desired aesthetic and mood for my project, connecting with the topic of reconnection with the star S’hail. Furthermore, I found the process of transferring ink to be a satisfying and meditative process, allowing me to connect more deeply with my work.

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