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Linoleum Printing 

Linocut printing is a type of relief printing that involves carving a design into a block of linoleum. I carve away the areas of the block that I want to remain white, leaving raised areas that will be inked and printed. The block is then inked using a roller or brayer and pressed onto paper or another surface to create a print.

Linoleum is a flexible and relatively soft material that is easy to carve, making it a popular choice for relief printing. Linocut prints can be made using a single color, or multiple colors can be used by carving a separate block for each color and printing them one at a time. The technique can be used to create a wide range of designs, from simple graphic shapes to highly detailed and intricate images.

Experimenting with linoleum

Using small blocks and experimenting by hand drawing Arabic letters (in a lettering form) and then hand carving them using carving tools.

The printing process was easy and stable. I loved the noon that has an organic frame around it, the black frame really made the letter in white pop. (so I might use this technique again)  the thin printed inks were ghosts from the first prints. However I didn’t like the last print below (the letter 3ain) The box frame surrounding the letter made the block control my design. The letter and stars were very nicely printed.

Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 11.01.17 AM.png

Poetry blocks

Using arabic type for poetry and then hand drawing on procreate the negative illustrations and an organic outline to create an organic form of a frame. 

To laser carve/engrave on linoleum to make the process faster and create the exact feeling like I would self carve them.

constellation inspried type carved Lino

My inspiration for the type design was constellations which will link really well with my topic and compliments the the type form too

 Overlapping type prints

Creating to types of blocks one as an organic form around the letters and another one leaving the block as it is to have the square print, and as I print each letter there will be an overlap of colors, this might compliment the type and create more variation of color.

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