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final desgin-14.png

Pixelated arabic typeface  

I designed a Square Kufi font to resemble an Arabic script composed of small squares or pixels. I created this pixelated typeface by mapping out each Arabic character on a grid of pixels in Procreate. To create the letters in Square Kufic, I constructed a grid of squares and filled in specific squares within the grid to form each letter. The resulting shapes are generally very angular and geometric in appearance. I chose Square Kufic because it is characterized by its square or blocky letters, which go well with the pixelated star theme.

Final poetry type face 

My approach to designing the poetry for my project is to use the square kufi font. Kufi is a traditional Arabic script characterized by its angular, geometric shapes, and square kufi is a variant of the script that emphasizes these qualities even more. For my design, I created the poetry without decorative pixels, as I wanted the design to focus on the basic geometric shapes of the letters themselves. This approach makes the design clear and straightforward, prioritizing legibility and simplicity while still incorporating a traditional Arabic script style. The poem I chose is called "S'hail" by Salah Al Turfawi.

final desgin-09.png
final desgin-10.png
final desgin-11.png
final desgin-13.png

Centre islamic star type 

I wanted to project the name "S'hail" in the center, so I added it to the two horizontal stars. The breakdown of the letters is in the vertical stars, which together form an Islamic star.

final desgin-14.png

seen letter from in the design

I wanted to emphasize the significance of the letter "seen" in my design, so I incorporated it into the modular blocks that make up the Islamic star. These blocks can be rearranged and rotated to form different star shapes, adding an element of dynamism to the design

small islamic star seen

boarder seen

final desgin-03.png

Previous arabic type

Trying to create a pixels based system to express the topic of the stars and to project arabic typography in a different form. (I started from square kufi and then started experimenting with square pixels)

Trying to use square kufi on poetry on a square border layout.

Trying to make square kufi in a square grid.

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